The Team

Our teaching and support team at Thames South offer experience in bucket loads and an openness to innovation and ongoing professional development.  All of our teachers have passions and talents they share in and outside the classroom too - be it fitness challenges they do along side their students, music and performance mentoring, or by getting their hands dirty transforming the school gardens.


Teaching Staff

 Kim 2015

Kim Nikora



Jeannie Apthorp

Deputy Principal

Te Kowhai

Room 9


Wayne Whitney

On leave

Adventure learning

Room 1:
Years 6-8


Tineka Rhind

Assistant Principal

Te Amorangi  Room 4:

Years 6-8


Jacky Armstrong

Te Haapai Oo

Neville Harding

Te Kowhai

Room 6


Joan Knap

Te Kowhai

Room 8

Miranda Kini

Te Kawenga

Room 7:    Years 1-8

Greg Pilcher

Adventure Zone

Room 1:
Years 6 - 8


Lisa Boyce

Te Kowhai

Room 11:


Angela Nation

on leave 

Years 3-4


Janna Brewster

Adventure Learning

Room 2:    Years 5 - 7


James Elder

Part Time Teacher


Claire du Boskey

Part Time Teacher

Support Staff

Diane Carey

Office Manager

Barry Priest


Sally Masson

Resource Teacher
of Learning & Behaviour

Vicki Sephton

Resource Teacher
of Liter

Carol Maxwell

Reading Recovery

Kathy Milner

Teacher in Charge of Library


Lyn Skilling

Literacy Tutor

Marion Fisher

Literacy Tutor

Lyn Batters

Teacher Aide


 Teagan Pennell

Teacher Aide


Rebecca Morgan

Teacher Aide



Mel Reidy


Student Teacher


Kylie Turoa

Teacher Aide

After School Care


Natalie Dix

Teacher Aide




 Bex Armstrong

Music teacher






 Josh Armstrong

Teacher Aide